Custom Spraying

Spray Painting’s Not Just for Street Artists

Custom spraying helps ensure accuracy and speed for painting jobs that require gallons and gallons of paint. Painting Hamilton uses two spray painting methods – airless and electrostatic. These methods provide a factory-smooth finish.

Airless spray painting involves spraying paint from a high pressure nozzle to produce a thin fan of paint. Electrostatic spray painting is a similar process to airless spray painting except that it employs charged particles which helps apply an even coat on 3-D objects and metal surfaces (although it can be used to coat any surface evenly).

The Benefits of Electrostatic and Airless Spray Painting Include:


Up to 4 times faster than brushing or rolling.


Can be used on interior, exterior and a wide variety of materials


Produces an even coat of paint on all types of surfaces.


Can be easily transported from one job site to another.

Find out how spray painting can save you time and money. Call us now for your free quote. At Painting Hamilton we have you covered.